Who We Are

The group aims to provide a relaxed social atmosphere in which cyclists of all levels can come together to meet new people, increase their fitness and explore the local area. We host daily rides leaving from the front of Pewsey Fire Station. Routes will cover about 20-40 miles in the area surrounding – and a tea and cake break will be mandatory!

Basic Rules

You are responsible for ensuring that you are physically fit enough to undertake the proposed route, Cycling Pewsey does not accept responsibility for illness or injury during rides. You must wear a helmet, ride your cycle sensibly at all times, and be responsible for your cycle and all your cycling equipment.

What To Take

Here is a basic list of the items you should always carry when you’re out riding.

  • Two inner tubes
  • Patches
  • Mini-pump
  • CO2 cartridge and adaptor
  • Tyre levers
  • Phone and Money
  • Details about yourself
  • Food and water

Before Riding

Before going out for a ride please check that your bike is safe and roadworthy. You can do this by these simple steps.

  • Check that both wheel quick releases are tight.
  • Make sure your brakes are working.
  • Check your tyre pressures.
  • Keep your chain clean and oiled.

Promoting Safe Group Cycling

We’re all responsible for ensuring that we behave ourselves out on the road. That that keeping to the rules, just as we would if we were driving cars instead of riding bikes. We stop at Stop signs and red lights, we signal before manoeuvres, we stay in the correct lane, and so on. And we watch out for one another to ensure that our fellow members stay safe. We point out problems on the road to each other, and we stop and help each other when someone has a mechanical problem or a flat tyre.